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Tendril Mass Mail Manager

Discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to use email marketing to communicate professionally with your customers, prospects, suppliers or anyone with an interest in your business.

About Tendril

Tendril logo Tendril is an easy to use email marketing and database management tool. It gives businesses of all sizes the ability to quickly and easily create professional-looking email communications and send them to targeted audiences, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing complicated software programs, employing specialised staff to write complex HTML coding, or outsourcing to a 'bureau-style' service provider.

Tendril can be used on any internet-enabled computer (such as your PC or laptop at work or at home), giving you the flexibility to create, edit and send your communications at your convenience. Where you want, when you want!


Tendril is an mass mail online-application that makes it simple for your contacts to say informed with the latest news on the grapevine. Tendril will grow your budding prospects who seek support and attachment by twining around them with your professional image.

Email marketing allows you to:

  • Much less expensive than traditional direct-marketing
  • Instant, as an email normally arrives in a few seconds
  • Create and build client relationships
  • Define a captive audience with people how have an interest in your product
  • Encourage customer loyalty and repeat business

With Tendril, you can:

  • Manage the databases of people you want to email
  • Create professional-looking, Spam Act compliant email campaigns with ease
  • Send your emails to specific and targeted audiences


  • Filter your contacts to ensure no duplicates are sent
  • Send an email to your all contact or just to a defined group
  • Customise each group to include specific fields of information, such as first name, job title, address, interests and customer account number
  • Generate personalised communications by merging specific fields of information from your contact information into an email
  • Preview a copy of your completed email and a final list of all recipients as a last check before you hit the 'Send' button
  • Send a test email to yourself (or your manager) as an extra check

Spam Act compliance

Tendril includes features necessary for you to comply with the Australian Spam Act 2003, including:

  • Opt-in functionality, helping you to ensure you have the consent of your database members and that they agree to receive emails from your business
  • Inclusion of an 'unsubscribe link' in all your emails
  • Inclusion of your business email, address, ABN, web site address and telephone number


The Tendril package consists of a set-up fee and ongoing subscription fee.


The setup consists of setup up an instance of Tendril for your sole use on our Australian based servers. Set-up also includes:

  • Registration and delegation on new domain name
  • Custom HTML email template design
  • Conversion of existing contacts
  • Subscription form added to your current website
  • Train in Tendril use and best practices


A monthly subscription fee is payable in advance to upkeep the service. Pay a whole year in advance and get two months free. Subscription covers:

  • Provision of up to ~11 million emails sent each month*
  • Renew of domain name
  • Regular backup of contacts
  • Product enhancements
  • Ongoing customer support

*Up to 20 GB data transfer each month (approximately 11 million emails). Fees may apply for excess usage.

Current pricing information is available on request.

Terms of use

You must comply with applicable privacy and spam legislation, and our Acceptable Use Policy regarding the sending of bulk email.

Administrative Login

Demonstration login details:


Demonstration settings may be reverted to defaults at anytime. This instance is open to the public, do not use real names, email address or other personal details in this tryout.



For more details about Tendril, please contact us using the form on the RMW Web Publishing website.

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